Two News Updates from the BWBA: –

  1. The BWBA has launched a significant scheme to help individual bowlers who need a specialist bowls wheelchair to play the sport they love. This scheme will provide up to 50% of the cost of a bowls wheelchair. This is an unprecedented offer from the BWBA who have been supporting and helping wheelchair bowlers for forty years. Applicants will need to complete a simple form which can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

  2. Discussions are taking place to set dates for Taster Days for wheelchair bowlers. Details will follow as soon as possible

    Check back here to hear more as soon as the announcements are made.


The BWBA is recognised as the governing body for wheelchair bowls in the UK.

It is available to help bowlers, clubs, associations and anyone with the interests of the wheelchair bowlers at heart.

Some examples of how we could help are – advising a club on improving wheelchair access; advice on equipment especially bowls wheelchairs; and offering opportunities to play in BWBA events.

The BWBA is a registered charity and has to raise all of its funds as it has no government or official funding. To carry on it relies on the generosity of others.

Thanks to the BWBA you can play, on a day-to-day basis, at your own club, as a bowler and not just as someone in a wheelchair.


The British Wheelchair Bowls Association was formed in 1982 with a handful of wheelchair bowlers at Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury.

Dr. David Peacock, its first Chairman was the first wheelchair bowler proper. He was instrumental in getting wheelchair bowlers accepted into national competitions with his first success back in 1993.

Since its beginnings, the BWBA has forged links with the governing bodies of the able bodied game and these association, both national and international, look to the BWBA for guidance on issues affecting wheelchair bowlers. These links have greatly helped the integration of BWBA members within their local clubs.

To the present, the BWBA continues to work with anyone wanting to forward the interests of wheelchair bowlers and has a justified reputation for being the governing body for wheelchair bowls in the UK. 

To download a BWBA 5050 Grant Scheme Application Form click one of the links below:

Application Forms

Application Form – BWBA 5050 Grant Scheme Form in docx format.

Application Form – BWBA 5050 Grant Scheme Form in pdf format.