BWBA v Worthing Pavilion BC 2011

This annual match is a welcome one on the fixture calendars for the wheelies and Worthing Pavilion’s members. This year’s clash was no exception.

In addition to the BWBA team, captained by Chairman, Ian Blackmore, there were three rinks of bowlers from the local Worthing Visually Impaired Bowling Club captained by Maurice Steeles. As their name suggests they did not have far to travel but the wheelchair players came from as far a field as Essex.

The wheelies gave a debut to Royal Tunbridge Wells IBC bowler John Crossfield who was ably assisted by Barbara Fermor. Worthing Pavilion selected a strong six rinks for this match – evidence of their keenness to be competitive; and their selection policy obviously worked as they won on five out of the six rinks: ouch! There was one winning rink for the BWBA, skipped by Jacks Centre IBC member Lea Davis. He had his father Ray on the rink along with the Sutton IBC’s Pauline Shanley (a regular for Surrey ladies indoors) and the experienced Carol Templeman. This rink enjoyed a 27 – 16 win but the overall result was a resounding defeat. Ah well, there’s always next year.

Pavilion Captain, Dennis Dixon thanked all the players for being part of a very good day and said he was already looking forward to next year’s fixture.

P.Shanley, R.Davis, C.Templeman, L.Davis 27 – 16 G.Rhodes, R.Anscombe, B.Graham, R.Bell
J.Crossfield, B.Fermor, C.ward, I.Blackmore 7 – 34 K.Bowden, D.Allen, J.Braiden, D.Dixon
P.Rozier, D.Rozier, C.Jones, T.Fitzgerald 7 – 31 T.Urben, E.Hamblett, G.Farley, D.Thomas
B.Ide, N.Thompson, D.Feest, M.Steeles 21 – 35 R.Jeanneret, J.Miles, J.Lindup, T.Bates
A.Norman, E.James, D.Woolnough, J.Carter 7 – 37 D.Lindup, G.Shallis, B.Bodicoat, P.Wilson
D.Carter, K.Goldsmith, L.Mills, C.Thurman 5 – 42 D.Berry, T.Hallard, B.Ledger, R.Forrester
TOTAL 74 – 195