BWBA Regular Enquiries

The BWBA continues to get regular enquiries from clubs and individual with queries about playing, wheelchairs, access etc – a wide breadth of questions in fact.

It shows how far we have come in ten or twenty years that it’s not at all unusual to be bowler who happens to bowl from a wheelchair – a wheelchair bowler. This is a good change, a very good change.
But the BWBA has also had to face up to difficult changes in the last few years, most notably, the enforced closure of its HQ in Stoke Mandeville. This has had a noticeable and significant effect on the BWBA’s playing programme. That said, in all other respects the charity is in rude health and in demand from the bowling community – that’s great.
Any ideas for fixtures or BWBA participation in your own club’s event which could maybe by fielding a rink or player here and there? All suggestions welcome – just asking. You can email or