The BWBA has launched a significant scheme to help individual bowlers who need a specialist bowls wheelchair to play the sport they love. This scheme will provide up to 50% of the cost of a bowls wheelchair. This is an unprecedented offer from the BWBA who have been supporting and helping wheelchair bowlers for forty years.

To download a BWBA 5050 Grant Scheme Application Form click one of the links below:

Application Forms

Application Form – BWBA 5050 Grant Scheme Form in docx format.

Application Form – BWBA 5050 Grant Scheme Form in pdf format.

BWBA 50/50 Grant Scheme

The BWBA 50/50 Grant Scheme offers grants to individual bowlers to buy a bowls wheelchair to help them to continue bowling or to start bowling. It will provide 50% of the cost of a bowls wheelchair. The Scheme includes chairs that are to be motorised. Individuals must be buying the chair for their own use. Bowls wheelchairs should meet the BWBA’s criteria for Purpose Designed Bowls Wheelchairs (PDBWs) at the time of purchase.

The BWBA has set aside a certain amount of its funds for this Grant Scheme. Applications will be assessed on a ‘first come first served’ basis until the allocated funds are used up.

Applicants will have to complete an application form (see above) and will be expected to meet 50% of the cost of the chair themselves. If successful, the grant has to be used within one calendar month of being approved and the chair will be the property of the applicant.

Please email the completed application forms to or .