Howard Park BC, Basingstoke

The BWBA was recently invited to Howard Park BC.

The club is in the early stages of planning a major refurbishment of the club’s premises. At the same time they are keen to expand opportunities for disabled bowlers in general and wheelchair bowlers in particular to play at the club.
They asked BWBA President Ian Blackmore to have look at the drawings and chat through their plans. The club has also sought advice from Disability Bowls England (DBE).
The building works should be completed for the outdoor season 2019. In the meantime, the BWBA will hire the club one of its Bradshaw Buggies for the outdoor season 2018 so they can get started.
Ian Blackmore suggested that the BWBA and DBE get together and field a team of disabled bowlers at the celebration event that is planned to commemorate the re-opening of the club once the works are completed.
Watch this space